DDoS protection as it should work!

By default, all incoming data traffic from the internet is filtered by Admax DDoS wash. Based on IP configuration, DDoS traffic will be blocked and all normal traffic will be forwarded to your server services (works with both VPS and dedicated server).
We can offer protection against DDoS based on either individual IP addresses or entire subnets with us.

DDoS protection from €299/month

Why do you need DDoS protection?

Isn't protection against DDoS included in your services? This is a question we are often asked and the simple and short answer is that we always work to ensure that the services we provide are as well protected as possible.

The protection included by default is limited to stopping attacks that risk damaging other customers' operations (null routing of the attacked service). Thus, it does not protect your services if they are directly attacked.

DDoS attacks are now commonplace and are carried out by simple means via so-called stressors (services provided by less scrupulous organisations for relatively small amounts, often based on hacked resources in countries far outside the EU). What they have in common is that you can quickly and easily buy access to large amounts of data traffic that you can then direct towards a target.

Protecting yourself from such attacks can therefore be of paramount importance, especially if you run a business that relies on being constantly available online.

We are here to help you and your organisation with this. If you need advice, or if you just have questions about the service, feel free to contact us for an informal discussion.

From 299:-/month

dose protection

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High performance

We can handle large-scale congestion attacks that other providers cannot.

High reliability

Our service is based on an "always on filter" - your IP addresses are always in active washing, as opposed to the normal attack delay of up to half a minute.

Easy to use

The service is fully managed by us and you do not need to take any active steps to be fully protected.

Value for money

Cheapest DDoS protection in Sweden. It's that simple.

Scale as needed

Protection is customised to your needs and you don't have to pay for more than you actually need.

For all services

We can protect you whether you have an online shop in our hosting centre or a larger solution with multiple servers.

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