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Here you can find our general terms and conditions. We always try to make it as clear and simple for you as possible, but if there are any difficulties, you can always contact us and we will help you!

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General conditions for contracts

These terms and conditions apply to agreements entered into between you (the customer) and Admax Hosting AB (556605-3764), hereinafter referred to as Admax. These terms and conditions apply from 15 December 2021. If you have previously been a customer of Admax AB (556612-0027) and Elit Serverhosting i Helsingborg AB (559054-1057), your agreement has been transferred to Admax Hosting AB according to the terms you approved with them, in that case see these terms or contact our support if you have questions.

By using Admax's web hosting services, or other services provided by Admax, the customer agrees to be bound by these terms of use ("General Terms and Conditions") for the service agreement (hereinafter also referred to as "the subscription") between you as a customer and Admax. The service is owned and controlled by Admax Hosting AB. These Terms of Use affect your legal rights and obligations. If you do not agree to be bound by these Terms of Use, do not use our services and terminate your services.

1. General

  1. These terms and conditions regulate the relationship between the customer and Admax Hosting AB and, where applicable, Admax's subcontractors or partners, regarding web hosting subscriptions, domain services and server services and related additional services.
  2. A customer can be a natural person or a legal person. To enter into the contract, the natural person must be of legal age and the legal person must be authorised to enter into the contract on behalf of the legal person.
  3. The agreement between the parties cannot be extended by the customer to additional parties unless an agreement has been concluded between Admax and the customer. For domain names and other services, Admax is entitled to choose a subcontractor and change such supplier when Admax finds it appropriate (our Privacy and Data Protection Policy contains a complete list of the subcontractors used by Admax). Admax also has the right to transfer all agreements to existing partners or others in cases where Admax finds it appropriate to maintain a well-functioning service or for other reasons.
  4. Admax delivers services as soon as technically possible (if ordered via the customer panel normally immediately, otherwise normally within 24 hours) and physical products within five (5) working days.

2. Web, server and domain name subscriptions

  1. The services included in the Admax web subscription are listed in a separate order confirmation/invoice/service agreement or via the subscription overview in the customer panel.
  2. Free support for subscriptions during the subscription period is included via e-mail, chat, ticket system and telephone. Admax customer service can be reached by telephone 08-525 09 710 during office hours (weekdays 09.00-17.00). Furthermore, the Admax customer panel ( contains a detailed description of how to handle functions on the web host.
  3. Free support is limited to what can be considered normal scope, which includes those parts of the service that can be directly affected by Admax, but not direct questions regarding how programming or similar should be adapted for the environment, unless it is a customisation that is unique to Admax.
  4. Support is limited in time for private subscriptions to a maximum of 1 hour per year and subscription and for business subscriptions to a maximum of 2 hours per year and subscription unless otherwise specifically agreed for the service. If support is required in addition to the above commitment, the applicable hourly rate is charged with a minimum charge of half an hour (the current hourly rate is SEK 980 excluding VAT).
  5. In order to make it easier for the customer, Admax wishes in many cases not to set limits for certain services, in which case unlimited is the term used. Admax's definition of unlimited is that the services are offered within reasonable limits for what software and hardware can handle. Admax reserves the right to determine the limits of what is reasonable in each individual case.
  6. If the customer wishes to transfer a domain, website or other service from another web host or other supplier to Admax, Admax will help with this. However, transfer can never be guaranteed and in the case of more extensive transfers, Admax may charge for the work after agreement with the customer. In cases where Admax fails to transfer the domain, the responsibility for the transfer is the customer's and Admax cannot be held responsible for this.

3. contract period, termination, etc.

  1. The duration of the contract is normally annual and indefinite, depending on what was agreed at the time of the conclusion of the service contract.
  2. The service agreement can be terminated at any time and is valid from the next contract period. Termination does not entitle the customer to a refund of the fee paid, unless otherwise agreed. If an invoice was issued for a service that the customer no longer wishes to have, the customer must immediately contact Admax for crediting and issuing a new invoice covering the services the customer wishes to keep. If the invoice is paid, none of the items on the invoice can be subsequently credited or refunded. If a service has been cancelled, the customer can have the service closed at their request before the end of the period, otherwise it will be closed when the service expires.
  3. A refund of the paid fee is only made in cases where the cancellation is based on serious operational disruptions for which Admax or its subcontractor is responsible. In the event of operational disruptions, the fee will be refunded corresponding to the duration of the disruption, in relation to the fee paid.
  4. Customers can cancel their subscription at any time and cancellation can be done either by terminating the service in the customer panel, emailing or posting the cancellation. For some services, special cancellation conditions may apply and this is stated in separate conditions approved in connection with the order.
  5. Admax is entitled to terminate the agreement if the customer has violated any of the points of the agreement. The cancellation shall be made in writing by letter or e-mail. Termination shall be deemed to have taken place three (3) weekdays after the letter has been submitted for postal processing or two (2) weekdays after sending the e-mail. In the event of serious misuse of the account, termination may take place immediately and a written notice will be sent at the same time as the termination takes place.

4. Payment, fees, etc.

  1. Fees are invoiced in advance unless otherwise agreed. Ordered services are activated when Admax has received full payment (please note that payment via bank transfer takes 1-2 working days and in the case of extension of subscriptions, such payment should be made in good time to avoid interruptions in the service). It is possible to pay by card via the Admax website.
  2. A customer who fails to pay will be suspended from their subscription, but not before a payment reminder has been sent by e-mail and displayed in the customer panel. Please note that non-payment will result in an interruption of the service (which will be automatically disconnected on the last day of the contract period). If there are outstanding invoices for one service, this may affect other services which may also be suspended pending payment.
  3. Admax reserves the right to adjust the fee for a service. Fee changes can only take effect in connection with a new contract period.
  4. Domains registered by Admax on behalf of a customer are registered with the applicant as the owner. Domains registered by Admax continue to be invoiced by Admax, with the exception of those domains where the rules of the domain registry do not allow this.
  5. Customers who wish to transfer a domain to another web host or wish to manage the domain entirely themselves for other reasons are entitled to do so whenever they wish. Fees charged by the respective domain registry in the event of a change of ownership, and other costs arising in connection with the transfer or change of ownership, are paid by the customer. The fee for the domain is handled by Admax until the domain has changed owners or been transferred.
  6. If payment is made after the due date on the invoice, the domain name may expire. As soon as payment is made, the domain is registered or renewed by Admax. In some cases, the top-level domain registry charges an increased fee and in order for Admax to carry out a renewal in these cases, this increased fee must also be paid to Admax by the customer. In order to avoid these additional fees, payment should always be made in time. The cost of these fees is shown in the domain name price list. All domain names paid after the due date risk being deregistered. If this happens, Admax is not responsible.
  7. Payment can be made to a bank giro or bank account as indicated on the invoice. Payment can also be made through Payson and PayPal in the customer panel.
  8. In case of non-payment, issued invoices will normally be credited and all services will be cancelled (unless otherwise agreed). In case of termination due to non-payment, the customer's data (websites, domain names, emails, etc.) will be deleted within two weeks after the due date of the service. Recovery of deleted data is not possible.

5. Transfer of contracts and domains

  1. The customer may assign the contract with the consent of Admax. The assignment and consent shall be in writing.
  2. Customers who wish to transfer domain names they have through Admax must send us the new owner's details by creating a support case. Admax then prepares a form to be signed by the current owner. Costs for the actual change of ownership may be added depending on the TLD.

6. admax responsibility

  1. Admax or its subcontractors do not exercise any control over information or material contained on Admax's or its subcontractors' servers, however, see §§ 6.3 and 8.2. For operational reasons, Admax reserves the right, in connection with the investigation of errors, malfunctions or to ensure the delivery of the service, to examine and access all information stored on Admax's system that may be of importance for a successful investigation. Admax is not responsible or liable for direct or indirect damage and financial losses due to errors, delays, incompleteness, interruptions, non-delivery of data, lack of availability or similar circumstances or events that are not under the direct control of Admax. Admax is also not liable for damages if someone infringes on Admax or its subcontractors' or partners' computer resources and obtains access to, destroys or distorts information unless otherwise provided by Swedish law.
  2. Admax never deletes customer information. However, we reserve the right to move information to another data medium for system technical reasons. However, when a contract is cancelled, all data in the customer's account will be deleted two weeks (14 days) after the cancellation or after the end of the contract period.
  3.  Admax treats all customer information as confidential in order to protect the customer's privacy. Admax guarantees that no information contained in customers' file areas or e-mail accounts is disclosed to unauthorised persons or made available to unauthorised persons, however, see § 6.1, second paragraph. Admax may be required by decision of the competent law enforcement authority to disclose such information to the relevant authorities. If a customer is suspected of committing a crime, Admax may disclose information or voluntarily report to a criminal investigation authority without a request being made to Admax for such information.
  4. Admax guarantees an availability for services included in each subscription of at least 99% calculated on a monthly basis. Ordinary planned service normally takes place at night (23.00-06.00) and is not a basis for calculating availability unless this service time does not exceed a total of 10 hours per month. Emergency security updates, which require immediate action, are also not a basis for calculating availability. Criminal attack on Admax or our suppliers' systems, resulting in operational disruption, is also not a basis for calculating availability. If the warranty period is exceeded, as compensation, the ongoing subscription is extended by one month free of charge. If the warranty period is exceeded so that the availability falls below 95%, the customer is entitled to receive compensation in the form of an extended subscription for two months at no charge. If the guarantee period is exceeded so that availability falls below 90%, the customer is entitled to compensation in the form of a three-month extension of the subscription. Requests for compensation under this clause must be received by Admax no later than two weeks (14 days) after the right to invoke the clause has arisen.

7. the customer's responsibility

  1. The customer undertakes to comply with Swedish legislation, this also applies to linked objects that contravene it. The customer shall also comply with other regulations that may be conditions for the utilisation of all or part of the traffic possibilities on the Internet.
  2. The Customer undertakes not to make unauthorised use of the computer resources connected to the Internet as a whole, nor of Admax or its subcontractors or partners.
  3. The customer is responsible for all actions he/she performs through his/her account(s) in the form of correspondence and spam e-mails etc. Spam is considered abuse of the account and may result in termination.
  4. The Customer is also responsible for all information it publishes on its websites or otherwise makes available through its subscription with Admax.
  5. The customer may not sell, rent or give away space to its own customers within the framework of its hard disk space without the authorisation of Admax. This applies both to customers with their own domain and customers under any of Admax's domains. The same applies to other services, including e-mail addresses, provided by agreement with Admax. Own customers refer to anyone who is not an employee of a company, family or similar. Admax has reseller accounts that are well suited for this purpose and these do not require any special authorisation for resale.

8. User policy

  1. Admax is committed to its good reputation and therefore rejects any dishonest use of the Internet. Admax therefore reserves the right to freely assess the rules set out below.
  2. Admax is authorised to make checks of the information on our customers' storage space if it is suspected that the customer is violating the agreement. If a user violates the agreement, we reserve the right to block the information that is considered inappropriate, if the violation is serious, the customer may be suspended in whole or in part, from further use, without the right to a refund of fees paid to Admax.
  3. A web subscription allows the customer to publish and provide material on the Internet via http or ftp technology.
  4. Admax must always have a direct agreement with the owner of the domain name under which the web pages are published (exceptions can be made and in the case of reseller agreements, there must be a direct agreement between the reseller and the end customer). Web pages published must clearly identify the individual, company or organisation responsible for publishing the pages.
  5. The customer may delegate the operation of web design, updating and other work on the subscription to another person or organisation. This does not limit the customer's liability.

9. Distance contracts

  1. According to the law (2000:274) on consumer protection in distance and home sales contracts, there is a cancellation period of 14 days. An order to register a domain, or to activate a web hosting service, is to be regarded as the provision of a service. Performance begins within the cancellation period (14 days) specified in the above-mentioned law, which the client agrees to when ordering the domain and web hosting service. The consequence of the consent is that there is no right of cancellation, see the above-mentioned law § 14 p. 1.

10. Privacy and data protection policy (GDPR)

  1. As an integral part of all agreements, the Admax Privacy and Data Protection Policy applies, which sets out how Admax handles personal data and the customer's rights under Swedish law and the GDPR.
  2. The customer is responsible for personal data that it processes using the resources provided by Admax. Where a data processing agreement is required, such an agreement is available as an integral part of this agreement and the customer undertakes to accept its design. In the event that a specially adapted personal data agreement is required, the customer shall contact Admax in order to draw up such an agreement together with Admax, and in the event that a cost arises for drawing up such an agreement, the cost shall be paid by the customer.

11. force majeure

  1. Admax shall be exempt from damages and other penalties if the fulfilment of the contract is prevented or impeded by any circumstance - such as, for example, war, government intervention, unrest, restrictions on energy supply, prohibitions, restrictions, lack of permits, accidents, and unfavourable transport or other circumstances. war, government intervention, unrest, restrictions in energy supply, labour market disturbances, prohibitions, restrictions, lack of permits, accidents, unfavourable transport or weather conditions or lack of deliveries from subcontractors - which Admax could not reasonably have foreseen at the time of the conclusion of the agreement and whose consequences Admax could not avoid or overcome.

12. dispute

  1. Disputes concerning the interpretation or application of this agreement shall be settled in Swedish courts according to Swedish law, preferably in Stockholm District Court.

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