Data centre

To meet your needs, we have chosen to have several different data centres, located in different parts of the world.

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Our data centres

Our focus is on Sweden and the Nordic region, which is why our primary data centre is located in Stockholm (Västberga), but we can also provide server services in Germany, the Netherlands, France, Estonia, Austria, USA and Thailand.

Data centre Västberga

The data centre has everything a modern data centre needs in the form of secure premises that are constantly monitored for access and only authorised personnel have access to the premises.

Each server hall in the data centre is equipped with fire protection, camera surveillance and uninterruptible power supply (battery power in combination with backup generators) as well as multiple connections to different internet providers. Our total available capacity today is 160 Gbit/s.

Eco-friendly data centre

To reduce environmental impact, the data centre is supplied with fossil-free electricity and all heat generated is recycled and used in Stockholm's district heating network.

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