Environmental policy

Here you can find our environmental policy. We always try to make it as clear and simple for you as possible, but should there be any difficulties, you can always contact us and we will help you!

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Admax environmental policy

Admax Hosting AB develops, provides and markets high quality internet services, with a focus on hosting, that fulfil urgent technical and economic needs.

Operations shall be conducted in a resource-efficient and effective manner with regard to the use of raw materials, energy and other natural resources. The commercial activities require environmental work that contributes to a lasting and sustainable development of society.

Admax AB shall have a prominent position in hosting regarding the environmental performance of products and processes.

As concrete guidelines for the environmental work in Admax Hosting AB, we shall apply that we shall

  1. constantly improve the environmental performance of our products and services, using a life cycle approach;
  2. prioritise technically and economically feasible processes and services that conserve raw materials, energy and other natural resources and are environmentally friendly in terms of emissions and residues;
  3. when choosing a supplier, where suppliers otherwise offer an equivalent service or product, prioritise the supplier offering the most environmentally advantageous option;
  4. have measurable environmental goals and be able to continuously verify that we fulfil the requirements and conditions set by society;
  5. engage our employees and contractors in environmental work and communicate openly and objectively with customers and other stakeholders about our environmental conditions;
  6. prevent and control accidental releases and assess in advance the environmental impact of new or modified activities;
  7. actively participate in research and development work related to the environment and our activities, in particular with regard to energy-saving activities;
  8. align environmental management, as appropriate, with international agreements and industry-wide principles.

Each employee shall work to ensure that the company's environmental policy is fulfilled and actively seek to develop and improve their work from an environmental perspective.

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