Free SSL for web hosting customers

Free SSL for web hosting customers. Increase the security of your website and the trust of your customers by getting SSL for your website today!

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Increase the security and confidence of your customers.
Get a free SSL for your website today!

A website with SSL (Secure Socket Layer) is recognised by the fact that the address starts with https:// while pages without it start with only http://. It may seem like a small difference, but today all major search engines, led by Google, have chosen to include the presence of SSL in their search engine algorithms. This means that a website without SSL is considered insecure and gets lower rankings in the search results.

All our web hosting accounts come with free SSL which is easily installed via the control panel. If you have your own server with us, we can also help you install SSL.

We use Let´s Encrypt as a CA (certificate authority).

Free SSL from Let´s Encrypt


Simple and stable

Safe and fast

Compatibility 99% of all mobile phones and browsers

SSL for own domain name

Unlimited number of domain names

Free of charge

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Read more about Google's actions on their blog!

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