Security and update agreement for WordPress

Keeping your WordPress updated is very important. With our Update and Security service, your website is protected from intrusions and hackers, and keeps it continuously updated. Let us make the hard part easy for you!

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The security of your website is very important!

We now offer our customers enhanced security through our security and update service.

Many new tools open up new opportunities but also new vulnerabilities. This makes it easier for a website to be compromised and hacked. We help you prevent this!

Your WordPress website is basically very secure, but can become a security risk if you don't update plugins or WordPress itself regularly.

A secure website is achieved through a series of measures of which updates are an important part, but even an updated website can be subject to various forms of attack.

If, despite all other measures, a website is successfully breached, it is very important to have working backups.

security and update service

Let us make the hard part easy for you!

We can help you so you can focus on other things and still be confident that your website is always up to date and secure.

Contracts for updating and security

*All prices are exclusive of VAT.

This is included:

  • Daily search for new updates (WordPress and plugins)
  • Daily search for changes to "core files" in WordPress
  • Updating plugins for WordPress
  • Update of the WordPress CMS
  • Daily scan for malware
  • Continuous backup of the website
  • Restoring from backup in case of hack or site failure

Take care of your website, use our security and update service today.

How does it work in practice?

Yes, we do daily checks for new updates to your plugins and WordPress. We check for abnormal changes and malware. If we find anything, we take the necessary action to keep your website alive in the best possible way. If the site is hacked, we do a restore and close the security holes.

Before you commit to the service, we will review the site free of charge to ensure what needs to be done to optimise the service and if anything needs to be fixed, we will go through it with you.

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