VPS Hosting in Admax cloud

Each VPS is allocated its own guaranteed resources and operating system of choice. A VPS is ideal for those who need the ability to run resource-intensive websites, e-commerce or custom applications in the cloud, completely isolated from other customers.

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We want to offer you a digital environment to grow in

When you need more resources and maximum flexibility, a virtual server is an excellent solution. Scale up resources when you need them and pay only for what you use. It's up to you!

With extremely good performance from all the technical solutions involved, a control panel that allows you to monitor your services in detail and support that is there for you when you need help, you are always confident that your services are working.

From 139:-/month

vps hosting

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More information about our virtual servers

Under the hood of the control panel

  • Upgrade/downgrade resources
  • Start, stop, rebuild, scale, and access to your own console.
  • Manage networks
  • Your own internal network with your own vlan between all your servers.
  • Manage disks
  • CPU, Memory, Disk IO statistics
  • NoVNC console.
  • HA - failover (optional)
  • Show available resources
  • Manage server
  • Create, restore backups
  • Backup Jobs
  • Scheduled backup
  • Check log history
  • Check server status, details and statistics
  • View disk and bandwidth usage
  • View CPU, SWAP and memory usage
  • Change boot scheme
  • Change ISO image
  • Reinstall VM
  • Change the name of the World Cup
  • Upload ISO image, provide private/public access
  • Manage ReversDNS
  • Full IPv4/IPv6 support
  • Extension - DDoS protection

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Unbeatable performance

We always use the latest technology from Intel™, AMD™ and Samsung™ to offer lightning-fast computing power and storage.

Built for reliability

With high-quality hardware and fully redundant infrastructure, we ensure that your machines are always accessible, even during power outages and internet disruptions.

Easy to use

Choose your operating system and administrative password, and you're ready to go. With our powerful control panel, you have full control over your server.

Affordable & convenient

We offer all our services at reasonable prices and make sure that we maintain a very high quality and standard of everything we deliver.

Scale as needed

We can provide more disk space, bandwidth & processing power as your application grows. You can choose for yourself or let us help you.

Guaranteed resources

With an Admax virtual server, you don't have to worry about what other customers are doing. You can always use the resources you pay for.

Technical specification

Latest generation Intel™ & AMD™ processors
Reliable servers from Dell™ and Supermicro™
Samsung™ and Intel™ flash storage

Choose between Windows Server 2019, Debian, Ubuntu or CentOS
Control panel including console
Upload your own ISO if you need a different OS or want to install your server yourself

Fully redundant connectivity between multiple independent providers
Capacity of over 160 Gbit/s
Reverse DNS, private subnets and custom VLAN
Networking equipment from both Cisco™ and Juniper™
Full support for IPv4 and IPv6
Competent technicians with many years of experience
Cisco™ and Microsoft™ certified network engineers
We speak Swedish and English
Support 24/7 via ticket
Backup of VPS included

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