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Since 1 January 2014, ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) requires validation of contact information for generic top-level domains.

If the owner of the domain does not verify their email address, the domain name will be closed.

Important information for those who bought a domain name or changed their e-mail address

When you buy a new domain name, change ownership or change the contact details of your domain, you need to verify that your email address is correct. You will be sent an email verification message where you must click on a link and enter a code. Go to this page and enter the code you received in the email:

Frequently asked questions

When do I have to verify my email address?

  • The domain has recently been registered
  • The e-mail address of the owner of the domain name has changed
  • The domain has been moved to another registrar
  • Someone has submitted a complaint regarding the WHOIS of the domain name

Why is my domain closed if I don't verify my email address?
ICANN requires that the details of a domain owner are correct. For more information on their policy please visit this page:

How can I prevent my domain from being closed in the future?T
By confirming your email address, the domain will not be closed because of this as long as your email address is active.

If my domain is closed, how can I reactivate it?
You can contact us to resend the message so you can verify the email address. Once confirmed, the domain will be reactivated. Please note it may take up to a few hours for the activation to take place and the DNS to work again for the domain name.

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